His Work

The legend behind every brush stroke

Balasaheb Thackeray Tribute.

Location: Mumbai, India

Everyone knows the dynamic strong and influential personality Balasaheb Thackrey. I am feeling blessed to get such a great opportunity to paint Balasaheb's mural on his 93rd Birth Anniversary. Balasaheb Thacrey was not only a wise politician but also an great Artist. This piece of art was a tribute for him by us.

The Living Goddess

Location: Zostel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Even today, the practice of glorifying prepubescent girls as living goddesses is nurtured in Nepal. These girls are not supposed to put their feet on the ground till they are 18. After the age of 18, they cannot get married or have a family. These living goddesses are respected and worshipped by people. This beautiful mural art done by Nilesh Artist represents the beauty of a living goddess. This artwork has gained him great popularity and recognition.


Location: Khagol, India

Danapur was previously known as khagol. This is the place where Aryabhatta invented the number zero and changed the world forever. Not a lot of people know the history of Danapur. That is why, as a tribute to one of the greatest scientists of India and Khagol's native hero, Aryabhatta, Nilesh did a complete makeover of this place, from red to Mural.

The Shehenshah of Bollywood

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

This brilliant artwork created by Nilesh Artist is a tribute to one of the greatest actors in the Indian Film Industry: Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. This artwork became very popular and was covered by leading news channels. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan himself met Nilesh Artist to congratulate and thank him for this beautiful tribute.

Peter Patrao

Location: Zostel, Panchagani, Maharashtra

The witty and charismatic Peter Patrao from Redstone Farm was the first person to bring the famous strawberry fields to Panchgani. This beautiful artwork by Nilesh Artist in Panchagani, Maharashtra, was a tribute to the much loved 'Peter baba... '

Mahindra Club Naldera

Location: Himachal Pradesh, India

Beautiful artwork done by Nilesh Artist in Naldera Mahindra club located in the beautiful mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The image in enough to describe the outstanding creativity that flows through his brush.


Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Another marvelous artwork done by Nilesh Artist dedicated to the father of engineering Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya who was a prominent Indian engineer, scholar, visionary, and statesman.

The Art Station Project

Location: New Delhi, India

The walls of the extremely busy Arjan Garh Metro Station beautified by these amazing artworks done by Nilesh Artist. They are not only a treat to the eyes of the tired passengers but also represents the beauty of wildlife. The renovation of this station was a controversial topic due to inter religion disagreements. However, this artwork is accepted and widely appreciated by everyone.

The Father of Indian Cinema.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

This is a portrait of Dadasaheb Phalke, credited for creating the first ever full length feature film in 1913. He was instrumental in setting up the Bollywood industry that has become the lifeline of the Mumbai city. Yet he remained a forgotten face in the timeline of this city. Through this mural, the st+art India foundation pays homage to Dadasaheb by using a structure of the city he so influenced, as a canvas for this portrait. This project was put together under StartIndia in 2014.

The Rowdy Character.

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

After his first visit to Nagpur, the "rowdyness" of Nagpur impacted Nilesh so much that he decided to make this amazing artwork in Ketoos Kitchen, Nagpur, illustrating the one of the most rowdy characters on Indian History - Veerappan.

Location: Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India.

The Height of Creativity

The highest mural art ever done. This fantastic artwork was done by Nilesh Artist in the beautiful Spiti Valley. This was a very difficult task considering the climatic conditions of the location. However, Nilesh did a fabulous job with this one and created another landmark for people to wonder upon.

The Hidden Talent

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Nilesh has always created an impact in people's life with his art. Sometimes the impact is too great to be neglected. This artwork is of a very talented Rajasthani singer who used to sing on a street under the same building this mural was made on. After this artwork was made, the neglected singer not only became popular but also got a platform from the government to perform and make a career.

The Political Animal

Location: India Today Office

This creative artwork by Nilesh Artist represents the ugly truth of man being a political animal. This artwork was covered and appreciated by the India Today Magazine for its thoughtfulness.


Location: Zostel, Panchagani, Maharashtra.

This classic artwork is a tribute to the Frida Kahlo de Rivera on her 111th birthday. This artwork is done in Zostel Panchgani and clearly represents the highlights of Mexico.

Flying Colours


"Nilesh Artist is always inclined to work for SPECIAL abled Children and fill their life with colours..and with this artwork, he worked for a Specially abled Children School in Vidyanagar,hampi. As the school named 'TAMANNA' he tried depicting the students love & desire towards their school and teachers. he portrayed the flying imagination of the kids of the paper craft birds through my art.. Imperfection in the form of unusual shapes and colours would make the kids' imagination renewed everyday... following the message of unity in diversity For him, this project is the most satisfying and appealing project for which he has worked for."


Location: Bangalore, India

This is an amazing artwork done by Nilesh at the people's favorite Levi's Store in Bangalore. This is the first mural art done at any Levi's store in India.'s

Cause for a Cause

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Nilesh has always found ways to help people using his art. A vegetable seller lady in Khar Danda region of Mumbai offers free vegetables to poor people. Nilesh draw a beautiful portrait of her at the same place where she sells vegetables. This has helped her a lot by making her popular and thus getting her more business.

The Smart One

Location: Hyderabad, India

A competition for street artists was held in Hyderabad where eight talented street artists were invited to draw portraits on walls. They faced immense difficulties as there was great resistance from the local population there as a few aspects of the mural arts were against their ethics and values. Nilesh very smartly found ways around the objections and developed this beautiful artwork and was the only person amongst the artists who completed his artwork. And he did a fabulous job.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

This fabulous artwork of Lord Ganesha was made by Nilesh artist in a record 8 hours in Pune city during the massive Ganesh Festival.


Location: Nashik, India

Another Great artwork created by Nilesh Artist representing the effect of lord Shiva and the union of Lord Shiva and Shakti(Power).

Varanasi Art Project

Location: Varanasi.

It's an old Indian tale where Lord Brahma, the God of creation spoke from all four his heads to spread his knowledge across the universe. Old Hindu mythology compiled this knowledge to form the Vedas. Saudhus from all around the world possess lot of this powerful knowledge and are well known to as holy men. They starve themselves of food and meditate for an eternity to find out the inner reaches of themselves. By connecting so deeply to their soul they are able to transpire themselves into to the universe to feel one with them. Brahma who's names comes from word Brahman meaning universe. So we can call the Sadhus as the modern day version Brahma.

Varanasi Art Project

Location: Varanasi, India

Banaras or Kashi located on the banks of the holy river Ganga is known to be one of the most spiritual cities in India. The place is known for it’s age old traditions that are passed on from generation to other. Shiva, one of the most popular Gods worshipped has formidable tales to be told. Children from the streets dress up like characters from the tales of Shiva and show the world why is he worshipped amongst the people so much. Many of these children earn money for their daily bread from these acts. I am has been able to not only capture the emotions behind the faces of these children but has also been able to paint a picture of one of the greatest Gods in Hindu mythology. They say there is a God inside all of us. If children are able to paint the picture of the God inside them at an early age they can rise to become powerful human beings.